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Anti-static raincoat awareness

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Daily life, changes with the weather, rainy day people will bring their own umbrella or raincoat rain gear in this area, but with the development of technology, the requirements of the raincoat is getting higher and higher, designers raincoat design is very safe and fashion sense, say anti-anti-static Siamese-style raincoat.
  details as follows
  When driving at night ride, double reflective three-dimensional design can show alert at night to ensure safety.
  Raincoat increase the longer upper body, when during use can also prevent rainwater from entering.
  Front raincoat increase the transparency of patchwork, so lights and turn signals have a very good perspective of.
  Rain hat is the use of high permeability puc, can be prevented with moderate rain will affect the eye visual effects.
  It mirrors jack it is headed in the closed zipper use, which is a functional zipper with self-locking can be prevented stormy weather reflector port will be opened.
  Designers also designed designed a convenient hang dry design, design at the back poncho hanging loop. There poncho placket oblique buckle design, it can ensure the rapid outflow of rainwater does not penetrate inside the poncho oh.
  More convenient is closely linked with a hat, it is adapt to a variety of head shapes.
  This is about the Siamese-style anti-anti-static raincoat, it also has anti-static split raincoat, which is not described in detail. However, when using the anti-static raincoat, it must be careful not to exposure, it can not be washed Oh.



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