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Secret routine maintenance skills and ways to buy a raincoat raincoat

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Raincoat in our daily lives is very common, it is rainy travel essential goods. I believe we have a better understanding for the raincoat. So, in everyday life for you raincoat is how to choose it? You have raincoats for maintenance it? It may ignore these matters in life, for life to be more long raincoat, greatly accelerates this deliberately introduce some of the raincoat to buy skills and routine maintenance.
  First, raincoat selection techniques
  Buy raincoats first to distinguish between the size of an adult to buy a large size raincoat, children have a special children raincoat, not indiscriminately buy; Secondly, with regard to the use of functional raincoat, in the end is a raincoat raincoat bike or use of motorcycles, to distinguish clearly, because the general design raincoat motorcycles will be even greater. We'd better try it personally when buying a raincoat, because different brands of raincoat there will be some dimension error.
  Second, the daily Guidebooks raincoat
  Some people might ask, raincoat also need to maintain it? The answer is yes. Raincoat maintenance can effectively extend its service life. After you are finished using raincoat rain, it should be spread out to dry, and timely removal of water on the clothes, because rain contains impurities, we have raincoats for cleaning and maintenance. To avoid the raincoat can not be put under too much sun exposure can not rub hard, and will damage the surface of the waterproof coating raincoat, rain affect the results.
  You learn to maintain your raincoat yet? Hope from today, you can better treat your raincoat.



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