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Raincoat is what the material?

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Rainy day, people are not going out of an umbrella, a raincoat is. Why it impermeable raincoat? Secret in the production of materials. Take the cloth raincoat for instance, it is waterproof cloth (water repellent treated after ordinary cotton) made. Waterproofing agent is a paraffin wax emulsion slurry containing aluminum salts. After paraffin emulsion into tiny particles uniformly distributed on the cotton fibers. Paraffin and water is not close to the water met paraffin to form oval drops in paraffin above rolling. Visible is the paraffin played a role in the rain. The physics of such impervious phenomenon called non-wetting phenomenon. The water in the event of ordinary cotton, on the adoption of the capillary fibers into them. This is called infiltration
  Objects are composed of molecules. Interaction between molecules of the same substance, called cohesion; and the interaction between the molecules of different substances, called adhesion. In the case of adhesion is less than the cohesion, it will produce infiltration; on the contrary, no infiltration occurs. Impermeable raincoat, precisely because water is greater than the cohesive force of water on a raincoat adhesion sake.
  Physics tells us: cohesion role of water in the surface of the water surface tension. Surface tension of water so that the water formed a layer of elastic film, when the water and contact with other objects, as long as it is not water infiltration, then this layer of elastic film is intact, the water can be wrapped tightly. It was tested: subtly into the water soaked in wax, metal mesh, the water does not drain down from the eyes of the screen.
  Common glass, smooth looks bright. However, it met the water, but tightly wrapped tightly, bringing all sorts of trouble: when it rains, the rain on the windshield of the car blocking the driver's view, very safe, so he had to start the water filter , rainwater drain; people who wear glasses, drink hot water when the lens is immediately covered with a layer of mist, blocking the line of sight, can not see anything.
  It is known that the characteristics of the surface tension of water, to understand the relationship between cohesion and adhesion of water after, not only skillfully made a raincoat, but also create a novel water-repellent glass coated with a layer of silicon on glass organic compound pellicles, which greatly weakened the mist on the glass adhesion. In this water-repellent glass to make lenses for people who wear glasses fogged lifted distress; this glass mounted on the front window of the car, the water is also thrown away. Now you can say tarpaulin, Busan without leaking the truth of it!



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