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Raincoat which originated in the early century England?

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Early 19th century Scotland, a rubber factory, a man named McGinn dos workers. Day in 1823, McGinn dos at work, accidentally put a rubber solution dripping clothes.
  After he was found, and quickly rub his hand, who knows this but it seems infiltrated by liquid rubber clothes, not only did not wipe, but painted one. However, McGinn dos is a poor worker, he could not bear to discard this dress, so still wearing it to work. Soon, McGinn dos found: This dress is coated on a local rubber, as if coated with a layer waterproof glue, though it looks ugly, but impermeable. He had an idea, simply painted the whole piece of clothing rubber, the result can be made of a block rain clothes. With this new clothes after no longer worry about God McGinn dos rain.
  This new thing quickly spread, and after factory colleagues know, have to follow McGinn dos practices, made of waterproof macintosh. Later, macintosh fame growing, causing British metallurgist Parkes's attention, he also studied with interest from this special clothes. Parkes felt, rubber coated clothes although impermeable, but hard and brittle, worn on the body is neither beautiful nor comfortable. Parkes decided to make some improvements to this dress. Unexpectedly, some improvements actually spent more than a decade of effort. By 1884, Parkes was invented to do with carbon disulfide solvents dissolve rubber, waterproof supplies technical preparation, and applied for a patent. To make this invention can be quickly applied to production, into commodities, Parkes the patent was sold to a man named Charles. Later began to produce a large number of farmers, "said Charles raincoat company," the firm quickly swept the globe. However, it did not forget McGinn dos credit, we regard the raincoat called "McGinn dos." Until now, "raincoat" is the word in English is still called "McGinn dos' (mackintosh).



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